2011 Submissions!

Picture a Saturday night in Nashville when all the galleries are open. Beautiful people, drinks in hand, drift from one gallery to another to experience the best the city has to offer in visual art.

Now imagine that at various points along the way something new has been added, an opportunity to experience a new kind of art, art that you HEAR....sound art.

So in between the experience of the visual arts, artists and guests alike gather to listen to....a rhythmic beat of water drops....or a dizzying immersion of the sound of coins moving through space...synthetic audio wrapping around, tickling the ear drums of the city.

After our second annual event last year, SoundCrawl is returning this fall for a third sonic immersion of Music City. During the downtown ArtCrawl on October 1st, from 6-9pm, Nashville will once again dive into the world of experimental audio with new sound art compositions from around the world. Compositions that immerse. Compositions that resonate. Compositions that explore.

about the ArtCrawl: (from www.artatthearcade.com):Every first Saturday of the month, the historic Arcade in downtown Nashville comes to life with over one thousand visitors. Multiple galleries open their doors to avid art lovers as well as anyone else that is just curious to see what the Gallery Crawl is all about. Art at the Arcade is a collective organization that hosts an assortment of contemporary artists from throughout the world to Nashville.


Soundcrawl welcomes audio submissions from composers, sound engineers, sound artists & tinkerers from every corner of the world. To date we've received some four hundred submissions from five continents, and brought the best of those pieces to the ears of music city. Our experience in producing this event has led us to the following restrictions:

Length: 7 minutes or less. (our audience is mobile, and prone to wander off during long pieces)

Genres: We accept anything in a fixed digital file, and try to cover our bases for the streams of activity as we see them: synthesis, music concrete, soundscapes & poetry. We also present video art, and are interested in interactive pieces/installations.

File Type: only .aif audio files titled LASTNAME_TITLE.aif will be accepted.

Video files should be h.264 mp4 files also titled LASTNAME_TITLE.mp4

DEADLINE: The Call for Works is open until August 1st, 2011. Submitting artists will be notified by September 1st, 2011 and are welcome to attend.

RESIDENCY: there is no residency requirement.

FEES: there is a $5 fee per work submitted.

DISTINCTIVES: SoundCrawl presents the technical specifications of each work selected. Please provide information regarding DAW platform, plugin families, make and model of microphones, etc.

RIGHTS/PERMISSIONS: We produce audio compilations of every festival for sale to help offset costs. We also stream selected works online, and are developing additional avenues to make these incredible works available to an even broader audience. We ask for your permission to include your submitted works in these efforts. We remain committed to the livelihood of our artists through media exposure and commissions, but have found that the administrative costs far outweigh the benefits of managing and distributing royalties. (We tracked and paid royalties our first year and no artist was due more than $1 USD) If you are an artist with representation or an existing distribution deal, feel free to opt out, and we will honor your contracts by omitting your work from the compilations.

STEP 1: 2011 Submission Form

STEP 2: Submit your work

Each year we receive hundreds of submissions, and the ensuing voluminous data-management challenge. We have adopted the following protocol for submissions:

Audio Submissions: LASTNAME_TITLE.aiff,
Video Submissions: LASTNAME_TITLE.mp4

Regrettably, we are unable to accept files that do not use this protocol.

Please use the protocol, and email the file to crawl@soundcrawlnashville.com We recommend YouSendit, but there are many other solutions for sending large files over the internet.

*interactive submissions should email kyle@skillfulproductions.com

STEP 3: Submit Payment

Submission fee is $5 USD per work.
Please use the link below to submit your payment.
2011 SoundCrawl
Thank you for your interest in SoundCrawl. Artists will be notified by September 1 regarding their submissions.
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